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Wed Oct 15, 2014, 4:47 PM

    Sorry but I am going to be going on a long hiatus. This new layout is can hardly use with the damage my screen has. It is very inconvenient and makes dA a cluttered mess. I may return when I get a new laptop in two months but the likelihood may be slim. I'll be updating sketches and stuff on my tumblr though, so if you'd like to follow (even if you don't, that's totes cool) go for it. Friends that have my skype will be in touch (i hope).…

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King half body by GarbageHomo
King half body
I really love King's design and felt a need to draw 'em

King (c) :icontrash-kinq:
drawing (c) :icongarbagehomo:

Half Body Commissions

Sun Oct 5, 2014, 4:42 PM

Hello friends.
    I've felt it's about time to update. So I'm closing down my pixel commissions. I had lots of fun doing them and will open them again in the future when I get better at pixeling.
    I am not done with commissions though and plan on opening up some new ones! These I really like to do and have quite a bit of fun with. 
    New half body commissions. They're pretty simple with either soft or hard shading. They usually do not have backgrounds though I can give solid coloured backgrounds if you want.

Type 1: Hard shading- 275 points
    Elise half body by GarbageHomoCwenhild half body by GarbageHomo O Look by GarbageHomo     

Type 2: Soft shading- 300points (this takes me longer to do)
    Krad Half Body by GarbageHomo  Kazuhiko Half Body by GarbageHomo

How to order:
    Note me with the subject "half body commission"
    please fill in the body with this order form
    "type (1 or 2), character reference, background or no background (choose a colour if yes)"

    once i tell you yes or no (more than likely yes) send me the points and I'll get started right away.

Selfie Challenge by GarbageHomo
Selfie Challenge
oh look I was tagged, lol.
Don't mind my derpy face and my fat puppy.

Pass the chain on!

To the person that is doing the selfie game, you have permission to copy and paste these rules!

The selfie game has started! Here are the rules!
Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least 3 people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.
1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more!
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!
Sample format:

Tagged by: dyfaux what a sweet pretty baby Selfie Challenge by dyfaux

I tag:
1. FoxHomo
2. xXEminAnimEXx
3. Kiwi-Ink


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 9:15 PM
    As a few of you may know, I started school on Wednesday. It's my last year of high school and it's going to be stressful and fun(I hope). Unfortunately, tat means I will not be here as much. I am spending most of my return home, doing my AP Biology course work. Meaning 4 hours of my day taken away, just by this one class alone. That does not include my AP Gov't class that has two reports due every Friday (not THAT bad). As well as not including my AP Art, roughly twenty-four projects in total, to submit for exam alas that does not include my 4 other classes I have going on as well. 
    I have a feeling that I won't be able to keep up with groups because of my schedule and stuff, and I feel awful about it. I am on skype on my phone almost all the time, that's probably the best way to get in touch with me. Or my tumblr, that's a good way too.

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Donations are sweet and kind of you ;v;
I do have commissions open as well.

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